Weekend Tip: Spotting Deer In The Dunes

By Her – Last weekend I took Him to the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes (Amsterdamse Waterleidingsduinen), which is an area with protected landscape in which you can stroll around, over think your thoughts and spot some deer. So we did.

 It was very nice to walk the route, enjoy nature and feel a little bit of sun on our faces. We made pictures of the deer, which made the walk even more fun. It was a rather chilly day but it felt good to be outside. Him and I spent a lot of time behind our computer and studying inside, this reminded me that we should go outside more. I would recommend for you to do so too! If you live near the Amsterdam Water supply Dunes this is a perfect place to get away from the city and everyday life. But if not, I am sure that you can find a little piece of nature just around your place as well. Don’t be bothered about the weather, if it is cold outside just treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate afterwards.

Deer in protected landscape 8sheep in protected landscape 3sheep in protected landscape 4Sheep protected landscapeSheep in protected landscape 2Sheep in protected landscapeNature protected landscapeDeer in protected landscapeDeer in protected landscape 2Deer in protected landscape 4Deer in protected landscape 3baby Deer in protected landscape 6Deer in protected landscape 5 All Pictures © His Blog Her Blog

More information about the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes you can find here (English) or here (Dutch).

If you enjoyed this post and go out for a walk yourself, make sure to Instagram us your photos @hisblogherblog!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you next week,

xxx – Her


32 thoughts on “Weekend Tip: Spotting Deer In The Dunes

  1. Lovely shots ! Am gonna follow you , am a nature lover myself and I find another common interest Fashion. Thanks for visiting and liking my post. I find blogging so encouraging and such an exchange of varied ideas ! Just like Him & Her , I procrastinated for long too before starting my blog and then one day , just like that I did ! See you more often !


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