Valentine’s Day Gifts

By Him & Her – Buying gifts for Valentine’s Day can be really hard, because you want to give something good, something romantic. The thing about buying gifts for your significant other is that it has to be something personal. It can be something which you both can enjoy, and something which will give the other person a valuable memory to cherish, and remember it does not have to be expensive.


Valentine gifts for him
I can imagine that buying gifts for a man is trouble. This is because most of the time we don’t even know what we want to get. If a man wants something, he buys it. Apart from presenting yourself on the bed nicely wrapped in some sexy lingerie, it can be difficult to think of something he really likes.

A box of 100 kisses and a little extra
Picture: Etsy
Give your man a box filled with 100 tickets. Each ticket stands for a “No matter what” kiss. It can be used by both of you. He will love this gift especially if you spice things up by adding three golden tickets for some “No excuse sexy time”.

Picture with a memory
Something that I like to get is a framed picture of her or me and her together. I am sure this is something that you would like to be gifted as well. The best would be a picture of you together which he has never seen before. It can be a funny one, or a sweet one, an ugly one. It does not matter as long as there is a good memory with that picture. Then every once in a while, when his eyes fall on the picture, it will put a smile on his face.

A doing gift
Give him something to do together, like (indoor) sky diving, go-karting, go to an adventure park. The point is doing something adventurous together where he can show his manliness. He will want to help you climb those obstacles, let him help you this will make him feel loved and needed.

What not to buy for him
Beauty products or something like that. With this I don’t mean perfume, but crèmes or whatever else you can think of. Only gift him the products that he is already using, he will not use what he does not know.

Valentine gifts for her
Buying a gift for a girl can be very tough as well. There are always the easy cheesy ones, such as flowers accompanied by a sweet personal message and some chocolate. This is definitely not a bad gift, but something more personal is always recommended. These are some of the Valentine’s gifts I think she would really love.

Cook dinner for her

Cook a lovely 3 (or more) course dinner for her. Lay the table beautifully equipped with cutlery for each course and with a matching wine glass. Try to make it just the way it would be in a fancy restaurant. Fold a napkin in a heart shape with a small paper with a message inside. Sprinkle the table cloth with rose leaves, glitters or stars and add some candles, put on some romantic background music. Cook something she really likes, and make it special. Do not be too ambitious trying to cook something out of your league. For example I know she loves Lasagne, so I would make Lasagne and make it look a little bit special by adding a few cherry tomatoes and some basil leaves. It does not have to be fancy, but make it personal. Make sure you have a bottle of her favourite wine and do not forget to sprinkle some of those roses on the bed as well.

Even though this might sound a bit cheesy, it still is a great gift. Go pick a scent which you really like, go pick a scent which you are sure she really likes. This will make your girl feel sexy whenever she is wearing this perfume, because she knows you love it.

A long weekend away

Give her a long weekend away together to a big city, a small picturesque village or sleep in a wooden cottage in a forest next to a creek. The most important part of this gift is that you do it together and that you enjoy your time together. Do not forget to take loads of pictures together for some great memories.Not for her by him

What not to buy for her
The thing you should definitely not buy for her is clothes. The chance that she does not fit them or that she does not like the style is way too big. By doing this the chances are big that it will end up in the back of the closet never to be seen again.


Valentine gifts for him
If you have to shop for a guy, I pity you. Just kidding, don’t worry, it is actually not that bad! There are lots of presents you can buy your man, but sometimes you have to be quick. If he mentiones something he likes, buy it on the spot, as he might buy it for himself before you had a chance. Below are some tips I am sure he will appreciate.

Surprise him
With lunch or a small get-away or anything else he might like. Tell him to dress up and pick him up for a lovely day together. Whether you go for a stroll in the park, picnic, or lunch, this tip is about the effort you make to surprise him. Bake him a cake (or actually any dish). The love of a man goes through his stomach, do I need to say more?

This is a tricky tip. Some men might hate jewellery for men, so make sure you know his opinion about this. You can choose to let him pick out something himself, but don’t let it become the present that he will ‘get someday’. Personally I really like bracelets on men, for instance a leather band or something with wooden beads. Do not shop jewellery for him in the ladies section, as he will refuse to wear it.

Beard trimmer
Picture: youtube
If you have something more to spend and he (and you!) are into the whole beard-trend, give him a beard trimmer. He will love that he won’t cut himself with a razor again, and feel manly with a bit more facial hair. Bonus for you; bye bye to your burning chin from his stubbly face after kissing.

What not to buy for him
Cheesy Valentine’ s presents such as a mug with hearts and all that jazz. He will say that he thinks it’s cute, but when he doesn’t want his friends to see it you know what time it is.

Valentine gifts for her
To be fair, shopping for women does not have to be so hard as you might think. If you want to buy them jewellery the possibilities are limitless. I mean, you can decorate them just like your Christmas tree. Braceletts, earrings; women like to choose, so they don’t mind having billions of that stuff. Besides jewellery there are 2 more tips below for your girl.

Rose© His Blog Her Blog © His Blog Her Blog
You will never overdo with a rose and a sweet card. Even if she thinks valentine’s day is ‘sooo commercial’, do not fall in the trap of skipping valentine’s day. It is not about buying expensive presents, with a rose (or any other flower you know she loves) you let her know she is important to you and a good way to show that you care about her.

This might be a difficult one, because not all women are into beautystuff. Here you have to dive into your memory to see if she mentioned a product or a store she loves. To me, the Bodyshop or Lush are good places to go to find a bodyproduct that feels a little bit more luxe than Nivea or Dove.

Jewellery Picture: Etsy
Here’s the case; women like to be spoiled sometimes. This doesn’t mean that you have to break your piggy bank, as long as you buy her jewellery made of quality materials. You can find items of sterling silver for around €10 or even under. Make sure you choose something that fits her style. Please don’t buy her big dangly earrings if she only wears studs. Don’t buy her earrings if she doesn’t have pierced ears. Think your idea through and I’m sure she will appreciate it.

What not to buy for her
A girl will not appreciate sleezy underwear. She will think that her normal lingerie is not good enough for you, that she is not good enough for you as she is, and this will end in fighting and hysterical crying.

Final tip: wrapping is key! Try to wrap your present as beautyfull as you can, or let it be wrapped for you in the store. A beautiful wrapped gift is half of the experience of receiving a present.

Thank you for reading our first blogpost. I hope you found some good tips. Please let us know what you bought for Valentine’s day in the comments!

Hope to see you next week,

– Him & Her


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