His All Time Favorite: Gap The Modern Oxford Shirt

By Him – This post is about my all time favorite shirt, as the title says: Gap The Modern Oxford Shirt. I absolutely love this shirt, because of its quality, feel and look. Bonus: this is THE shirt that woman want to see you wearing.

I still remember buying my first Modern Oxford shirt 2,5 years ago. We were on holidays in Rome inside a gap store with enormous discounts. I never used to buy ‘expensive’  quality shirts, because I did not believe in it. Then I bought this shirt for €25,- (normally €43,-). Best decision of my life. I still wear this shirt weekly, and the quality does not seem to fade, nor does the color.Gap Modern Oxford Solid Shirt Blue

Since I bought my first Modern Oxford shirt in Rome, I started a habit of buying a new color Modern Oxford shirt on every city trip we make, because GAP does not have a store in the Netherlands. The shirts come in many colors and shades. So far I’ve got the following collection of colors: Light Blue, Light Red, Light Green, Navy Blue and Pink.

Gap Modern Oxford Solid Shirt Red

The thing with these shirts is that you can wear them almost every day. They can look formal, but also informal. Depending on how you wear them and what pants you are wearing underneath them. From slacks to jeans to shorts. Everything is possible with this shirt.

Gap Modern Oxford Solid Shirt Green

This is also a shirt that looks great on your girlfriend when she steals it to wear it as some kind of pyjama. As long as we get it back of course.

Gap Modern Oxford Solid Shirt Deep Navy Blue 2

The quality of this shirt is great. It is a little thicker than your normal shirt, so it is perfect for colder weather. Also, in the warmer weather it will rarely be too warm as it is made of 100% cotton. I also believe that there is a lighter version available of this shirt named Spring Oxford. I have never tried one of those before, but it is on my list!

Gap Modern Oxford Solid Shirt Pink

As you can see I absolutely love this shirt. I cannot recommend it enough. The downside of this shirt is that the colors are mostly limited editions. The only few colors that will always be available are Light Blue, White and Deep Navy Blue. So keep an eye out for those limited colors.

I love this shirt on him. When he got this shirt he wore it as much as he could. Still, he needed a little pressure to buy the other colours. He doesn’t spend much money on clothes and thought the normal price was a bit expensive. I told him to buy another colour as well, as he got so much use out of his first one (and because my eyes needed something new!). Since then, he bought more and more colours, and I bought him one too. Conclusion: I couldn’t recommend this shirt enough!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you next week,

– Him


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