Tableau, a Self Watering Planter

By Him – So I came across this really cool thing. A self watering planter which does not use any electricity. How cool is that! The self watering planter, called Tableau, is designed by Pikaplant, which I found out are people from my university! The production of Tableau is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

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Why She Loves Pilates!

By Her – Since a year and a half I go to Pilates class every Monday. In our gym you can register for fitness, aerobic classes or a combination of both. I started with the combination, but I never went to the gym to train on the fitness machines, so this year I just paid for the aerobic classes which include Pilates on Mondays. I (almost) never skip these Pilates classes because I really enjoy them and they became a ritual to start the week with. Usually I go together with my friend and we also eat before class and drink tea and watch TV-series afterwards. I will tell you more about why I love Pilates in this article.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts

By Him & Her – Buying gifts for Valentine’s Day can be really hard, because you want to give something good, something romantic. The thing about buying gifts for your significant other is that it has to be something personal. It can be something which you both can enjoy, and something which will give the other person a valuable memory to cherish, and remember it does not have to be expensive.

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