Tableau, a Self Watering Planter

By Him – So I came across this really cool thing. A self watering planter which does not use any electricity. How cool is that! The self watering planter, called Tableau, is designed by Pikaplant, which I found out are people from my university! The production of Tableau is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

Tableau_Automatic_Houseplant_Watering_Tray_Pikaplant_White_01 (1)

So this product is awesome for people who are away a lot, or like Her, away for the weekends. Also for people who tend to forget to water their plants. Tableau waters your plants automatically and Pikaplant claims “It mimics nature to water your plants”.


It is really easy to water your plants using Tableau. You put water in the reservoir and Tableau waters your plants from below and the plants decide themselves how much to drink. The reservoir should contain enough water for three plants for one month.


The plants are watered using an “ebb-and-flow” technique without using electricity. Pikaplant claims to “recreate one of the key water cycles found in nature: ground water”. This is supposed to be better as the wet-dry cycle makes sure the roots have a bit of time to “breathe”. The will make sure your plant has strong roots and is therefore a healthy plant.


Pikaplant stays true to nature by using no electricity to water the plants. The ebb-and-flow technology is driven by the change in humidity. This also mean you can place your plants on the tableau wherever you want.

How tableau works pikaplant self watering system

So how does it work? Well first of all make sure the reservoir contains water. You can take the reservoir of the base to fill it easily. Then reconnect it to the base. The water will flow into the base. The bottom of the pots have holes in them through which the soil makes contact. This way the soil takes up the water and your plants can drink.

Here you find the Kickstarter video. You can support them by backing them through this link. Below you can find another product by Pikaplant. Another self watering planter, just bigger!Pikaplant_One_HiRes

When he came across this “gadget” he immediately showed it to me.  I have a few vegetable plants in my room, however I go to my parents for the weekends so I cannot water them. As I am writing this, I think my plants are dying because I haven´t been in my room for almost 5 days.. Yes, this Tableau would be up my street. And, it is handsome looking, not that unimportant either!

Thanks for reading and hope to see you next week,

– Him

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