About Him & Her

 Hi! Welcome to our blog! I am a 21 year old psychology student, studying in Amsterdam and living nearby. The idea of this blog is to give you an inside view of our thoughts (Him & Her) on the same topic. This doesn’t mean that you can generalize al men and women to our opinions, we just want to have fun with the contradictions and similarities between us. We will also write posts about topics we are interested in such as fashion and lifestyle. If you have any recommendations or comments, please leave us a message under the blog posts. We would love to hear your reactions! Enjoy reading!
xxx – Her
 I am Him. I was born in September 1993 and am currently studying Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Engineering in Delft, The Netherlands.  The idea to start this blog actually was mine, but the inspiration came from her. In her spare time she is always reading beauty and fashion blogs and vlogs. This gave me the idea to start a blog together with her. Somewhere last year I shared the idea with her. She liked it, but we never really started it. Then suddenly she came up with the idea again to start it. And we did! I hope you will like to read our posts about the different opinions we have on all kinds of subjects!
– Him
Always feel free to leave a comment anywhere on our blog with questions and remarks! We will do our best to respond :).

57 thoughts on “About Him & Her

  1. Hello! I wanted to thank you for liking my poem the other day.

    I also just wanted to say how adorable I think this concept of “him & her” is. It’s nice to see from both of your perspectives – how they differ and how they’re similar. :)

    Anyways, I hope you two have an amazing day! x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am so excited to stumble on your page. We are a couple who just started a blog also, in hopes to shed light on male vs female perspectives on same issues! Hope you will follow us back and weight in with your thoughts!

    – Emily


  3. Quite clever, you two! You hooked me so I will follow your blog and see if I can learn something. I enjoy creative, intelligent, humorous and young-thinking posts. BTW, thanks for the like.



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