Why She Loves Pilates!

By Her – Since a year and a half I go to Pilates class every Monday. In our gym you can register for fitness, aerobic classes or a combination of both. I started with the combination, but I never went to the gym to train on the fitness machines, so this year I just paid for the aerobic classes which include Pilates on Mondays. I (almost) never skip these Pilates classes because I really enjoy them and they became a ritual to start the week with. Usually I go together with my friend and we also eat before class and drink tea and watch TV-series afterwards. I will tell you more about why I love Pilates in this article.

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It is the perfect combination of relaxing exercises and intensive workout.
I’d rather watch a TV-series on my bed and eat a bar of chocolate than that I would go to the gym, but I still want a nice figure and I know that exercise is good for me. After a long day behind my computer my shoulders feel tense and Pilates helps to loosen them up. Also we train our stomach abdominals for a flat stomach.

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You feel the improvement in the exercises as you’ll practice over weeks.
When you go to a Pilates class for the first time you will notice that some of the exercises are difficult because your body is not used to stretch that far. In a couple of weeks you will feel improvement which makes you feel that you are making progress.

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The focus is on extending your muscles, which will give you the feminine figure of a ballerina.
Some sports will make your muscles shorter and your figure more ‘manly’. Pilates is about stretching your muscles, balance and the right posture. You can use the principles of Pilates in your daily life, by using your muscles and posture in the right manner.

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The intensive exercises are focused on your core, shoulders and working on a sexy butt.
We all want that right?

Not only the girls want that haha, I appreciate it very much. And I am sure that many more boys do!

You can build up the intensity as much as you like.
In our class there are people new every time and a few are there for years already. This doesn’t matter at all because you can build up the intensity and make it as hard for yourself as you want to.

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It is a do it yourself massage!
Whatever place on your body feels tensed, you stretch to relax it. After a class I feel totally relaxed but energized at the same time.

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If I have not convinced you to take a Pilates class, you can always try Pie and Lattes ;).

Thanks for reading and hope to see you next week,

xxx – Her


8 thoughts on “Why She Loves Pilates!

  1. I think it’s important for each person to find the type of fitness that they love. For me it’s martial arts. I have found — after trying a gym membership; and walking or running on my own; or buying a treadmill thinking it would be more convenient than the gym — if I don’t love it, I won’t do it. Even knowing it’s good for me isn’t reason enough to do it, if I have to MAKE myself do it. With martial arts, I love it. I look forward to it all day, love the class while it’s in session, and feel fantastic and strong after it’s over. That’s what keeps me going back. It sounds like you’ve found this niche in Pilates, so good for you! One of my best friends runs half marathons. I say whatever fitness regimen you love, go for it, because that is what will keep you coming back for more!

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  2. I really want to like pilates. I’ve tried it many times but each time I have a hard time ‘enjoying the stretch’ when all my muscles are quivering and I’m on the brink of passing out. I’m much more apt for a boot camp style class where the instructor screams “DONT YOU DARE QUIT”…maybe I’m just tough to motivate :)

    xoxo K

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    1. I thinks that the unpleasant feeling of stretching will fade if you practice, don’t try to overstrecht though! Just build up the intensity slowly. I also need an instructor who is strict, but Pilates and Yoga teachers can be that too ;)

      xxx – Her



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