His New Watch: Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol

By Him – As some of you could see on our Instagram feed, there are some pictures of a Daniel Wellington Watch. Last Tuesday I got one from Her :)! I am in love with this absolutely stunning watch.

Picture: Daniel Wellington

For Christmas and my birthday I got a present from Her. It was a ‘coupon’ for a watch. At that time I did not own a watch. I had owned one before, but that was when I was twelve. So, She took a risk and got me a present which she was not sure I would like. The coupon was for a wooden watch, or any other watch of my choosing. I really liked the wooden watches, however I thought that they would grow out of fashion rather quickly. She agreed with me on this so I started looking for another watch.
Picture: Daniel Wellington

Within a few hours I stumbled upon the Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful watch. The thing was, the budget did not match and she thought it was a bit of a ‘Grandpa’ watch. So I felt sad (not really) and started looking for another design which She and me both liked, since it was Her gift to me of course. The thing was, after having seen this watch I caught myself looking for something that looked like this. I did not like any of the other watches that I saw, because my mind was full with the Daniel Wellington. I did find one that looked like it.

Pictures: Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol & OOZOO C6925

Here is a picture to compare the Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol and the OOZOO C6925. As you can see these two watches look very much alike though I still had a big preference for the Daniel Wellington. I could not get it out of my mind.
Picture: Daniel Wellington

During the Valentines weekend Her and me went into the city to search for some other watches. I saw many watches, but none gave me the same feeling as the Daniel Wellington. After a few shops, we found the OOZOO C6925 watch and it looked a lot better than the pictures on the internet. So I started doubting.
Picture: Daniel Wellington

A few shops later, I saw the Daniel Wellington, and it was even more beautiful than on the pictures. I tried one on and fell in love even more. We went outside of the store to clear our minds. Within fifteen minutes we were back in the store to buy this beautiful watch. The store did not have the clock and strap that I wanted in stock (even though the straps are interchangeable, the buckle did not match the clock), so the shop ordered it for me. I like to buy more expensive items in a shop instead of online, because you get advice on how to take care of your purchase and you can go back if something is wrong with it.
Picture: Daniel Wellington

This Tuesday the watch had finally arived in the store and I could pick it up. I am so happy! It looks amazing and already got so many compliments on it like ‘classy’, ‘fantastic’ & ‘clean looking’! I just think it looks so elegant with it minimalistic design. I like to think that it makes me look more like a gentleman haha! The watch has a timeless design, and I think that I can still wear it when I am 80 like She said.
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As you might have noticed, so far I am very happy with my newly acquired luxury item and I am sure that I will be wearing it for a very very long time! What do you guys think of this watch? Do you think it is a watch for old men? Or could a young lad like me wear it? Let me know in the comments :)!Thanks for reading and hope to see you next week,

– Him

5 thoughts on “His New Watch: Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol

  1. I think it’s a sharp-looking watch, very clean, classic, and masculine. It is a timeless (no pun intended!) design, so there will be no outgrowing it or maturing to an age too old to wear it. I also notice you have combined it with your favorite shirt(s), so that speaks volumes about its versatility, being able to accessorize both casual and dressy attire. Congrats on a great choice!


    1. Hi Laura, thank you so much for your lovely comment. Sharp eye that you see me combine it with my favorite shirts haha! I think your opinion about this watch is completely in line with mine. Thanks again!
      – Him

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